Top 10 Finance Bloggers

Top 10 Finance Bloggers

Managing finances is an inexhaustible topic that people will be interested in all the time. If you’re thinking about getting seriously interested in finance, then you need a quality base, and one of those is a credible blog about a particular topic. In this article, we will review the top 10 best finance bloggers, in different directions, so that you can find something that will be closer to you.

Paula Pant – allow yourself anything

What this blog will be about, we can already imagine, based on its title. So, the blog focuses on explaining two important issues that can help people improve their financial situation, namely you will learn how to improve control over your money, time, and lifestyle so that money does not slip through your fingers, and you will also learn how to bring your daily life closer to the state you value most.

The Financial Samurai by Sam Dogen

In this blog, you will find the most interesting and useful information about investing, real estate, and career planning. Using this blog as a base, you can improve your financial situation much sooner than you expected. Sam Dogen has tremendous experience and proper education in finance, so he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

The Four Pillars of Finance

This blog will give you a 180-degree turn in your life, as there are already cases where readers of the blog have started earning income from outside sources other than their main job and later quit there altogether.

The Four Pillars of Finance includes learning the four important elements of successful earning, namely philosophy, psychology, work ethic, and personal finances.

Rich & Regular by Julien and Kirsten Saunders

Another of the top finance bloggers are these unique people. The married couple was able to pay off a huge $200,000 loan in just 5 years while being able to improve their standard of living and learn a useful lesson.

Their story is truly inspiring, and their blog, and in particular their “money on the table” video series, is very enlightening for those who want to get to know more about money.

Hacking Jim Wang’s Wallet

Jim Wang shares with you the secrets of improved money management. Without any unnecessary advertising of services or anything like that, Jim only provides you with valuable information on how to properly handle your money so that it never leaves you. Jim has the background and proper education in business administration to provide such information.

“Common Sense Wealth” by Ben Carlson

Ben Carlson has written multiple books on investment and runs portfolios for residential investors for years. His entire blog is devoted to investing, asset management, and the financial market.

Slowly Get Rich by J.D. Roth

This blog is one of the first blogs dedicated to finance. One of the top finance bloggers, J.D. Roth provides tons of useful information on how to manage money, and even a beginner can figure out what’s what.

“Mr. Money Mustache” by Pete Adeni

Retired in his forties, Pete Adeny decided to bring his knowledge and experience to the masses to help others stabilize their finances. The main goal of his blog is to improve your standard of living while allowing you to spend much less than you do now.

“Physician on Fire” by Leif Dahlin

An anesthesiologist’s blog helps both doctors and patients get inspired, educated, and properly entertained. Gain financial independence in an affordable and fun way.

About Dollars and Data by Nick Maggiulli

Increase your financial income with data analysis, learn how to make the best decisions, and live wiser and richer. Learn about about risks, investments, and the finest approaches to increasing your income.